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Derma e - Vegan Skincare

I’ve been keeping some secrets under my hat lately! 😉

And I am enjoying them way too much to keep them a secret anymore!! {ad} Big shoutout to @dermae for gifting me their Summer Skin Protection Bundle. My skin (and scars) have been absolutely loving it!

💖 Derma E’s passion for health, wellness, and environmental sustainability is strong! Like so many of us, I am picky with what I put on my skin these days. That’s why Derma E Clean beauty products are perfect for me! They are a trusted brand with products that are 100% Vegan, GMO-Free, Cruelty Free.

What I’ve been using:

🌿 Scar Cream Sun Protectant SPF 35: Reduces scar appearance. Super silky with a matte finish, I have been using this as a primer!

🌿 Scar Gel: Moisturizes the skin and improves appearance if scars and burns. (This has been my power product! I’ve seen such a change in my scars & stretch marks!)

🌿 Gentle Enzyme Peel: A gentle yet effective peel that removes dead skin cells. Leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth!

🌿 Skin Brighten: A therapeutic herbal skin brightener with vitamins and herbal extracts that helps even out your skin tone, reduce age & liver spots, and brighten your complexion.

↘️ Check out all of the helpful skincare products at! You can also find them at Target & Ulta Beauty!

🌿 Could you use some Derma E love?? Which products stand out to you??

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