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Influencer Hack: To find out which brands are working with Influencers

Silly easy way to find Brands Investing in Partnerships!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Influencers- If you’re on the hunt for brands that are actively pouring resources into influencer partnerships, I’ve got a clever trick for you! 😊

🔍 Pop over to the Instagram search bar and type in “Ad.” Now, navigate to the hashtags and zero in on the Ad hashtag.

🔍 You’ll then land on the “Ad” feed, unveiling pages of ongoing collaborations between influencers and brands!!

👉🏼 Pro tip: Sort the results by “Recent” to keep your focus on the latest happenings, not partnerships from a year ago!

📝 Scroll, explore, and curate a list of brands that resonate with your style and values. Jot down the ones that capture your attention.

Once your list is locked in, make sure you’re following and engaging with these forward-thinking brands. 📲

🤝 Ready to take the plunge? Reach out and pitch your ideas, because these brands are actively investing in partnerships as we speak!

⭐️Want to take it a step further? Sneak a peek at the ‘tagged’ section of these brands’ Instagram profiles.

Discover their preferred aesthetics, style, and the size of influencers they’re collaborating with. Discover insights about a brand’s preferences and what they seek in an influencer by observing their current partnership lineup!

phone showing instagram grid

💬 Let me know if you already knew this hack? Are you currently using this as a way to find new brand partners? Let’s chat it up in the comments!

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