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Influencer Tips: Pitching Brands. Pitch email Subject Lines

Attention all influencers! Are you tired of pitching to brands and not getting any responses?

Or worse, not even getting your emails opened? 😫

I know the struggles all too well. That’s why I’m here to share with you some subject line ideas that will help you catch a brand’s attention.

👉🏻 First off, let me tell you about the one subject line that I’ve personally been using and has at least a 75% open rate:

“Re: Our partnership conversation on Instagram”.

It seems simple, I know! But it works! This subject line implies that you’ve already been in contact with the brand and that this isn’t a cold pitch. Plus, it specifically mentions a partnership conversation, letting the brand know that you’re serious about working with them.

Now you can’t lie, you have to actually dm them on Instagram and ask about a partnership (I have a whole section on how to dm a brand the right way in my Influencer Playbook!)

Holding phone with Instagram App open

Once you’ve done that, send an email with this subject line…“Re: Our partnership conversation on Instagram”.

⚡️But wait, there’s more! Here are some additional subject line ideas that you can try:

👉🏻Brand Name x Your Name

👉🏻Partnership Opportunity with (your name)

👉🏻Brand Name x Handle

⭐️ BONUS example: Christmas Collab with Your Name (Season/Holiday Specific)

Remember, no matter how good your email is, if you have no subject line strategy, you might as well be sending emails to Santa Claus!

💬 So try out these subject lines and let me know in the comments which one works best for you!! 😘

⚡️And if you need more help drafting your pitch or sending brand pitch emails in general, be sure to check out my Influencer Playbook HERE - Don’t let a lack of response from brands hold you back from reaching your full potential as an influencer!!

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