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Instant Plant Food

My houseplants have been giving me the side-eye lately…🪴😒

But thanks to @instantplantfood they have made it easier to help me grow happy plants {ad} Instant Plant Food’s pre-measured, self-dissolving, small batch fertilizer tablets make feeding your houseplants EASY, earth friendly, and fun!! 🪴

Instant Plant Food contains all of the essential nutrients your plant needs along with trace micronutrients required for a well rounded, healthy plant diet!!

I am a sucker for good packaging and think these are so dang cute as well! Their colorful and lightweight packaging requires way less energy to produce and ship! Resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint!!! ♻️

There are 4 tablets in one pack! You use one tablet every three months…so one pack will last you and entire year! (Also comes in a smaller 2 pack). 🤩

🪴Do you have houseplants? Would these help you to become a better plant parent?

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