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Jovi Patches

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Looking to ditch cramps, PERIOD?!?

Then STOP what you are doing right now and meet Jovi!!! This little purple patch is magic I tell you. It’s been a major life changer for me and we gotta talk about it! I’m still amazed! 🤯😍

Are you tired of not being able to do anything when you’re on your period?? Menstrual cramps can be debilitating but @meet_jovi has completely changed the game for so many women already!!! If you are looking for an alternative to taking medication, you’ll love this. No cords! No wires! Just a patch!!

The Jovi Patch works by using a technology that blocks the discomfort before your brain realizes it! I call it magic but yeah it’s science! 🤷🏼‍♀️All you gotta do is place the patch on areas causing you discomfort. And poof! Be gone!!!

This patch is so lightweight and thin yet very durable! One patch can last you up to 4 years!!! (I know this is an investment but…up to 4 years free of period cramps? The math checks out!) You won’t regret gifting this to your body!! There is a 120 day money back guarantee as well!

Does it work on other areas of discomfort? You betcha! I actually loan this to my DAD so much that that the guy has ordered his own Jovi Patch! (Yessss! This works for many other areas of discomfort!!) From headaches to back aches, it’s worked so well for me!

Do your research! Check out @meet_jovi and read the reviews, hear what people have to say! Get to know their beautiful team! You won’t believe your eyes! THIS IS IT!!! 💜

Could you use an introduction to Jovi? Do you still have questions?

Use the link in my bio or use discount code “j-rz2kw8” to save $20 off any order! 🤩

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