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"Why Influencers need an E-Mail List!"

Updated: Jun 1

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Social media has grown significantly in the past few years and helped many influencers make a fortune from the industry. More and more brands are now taking social media and influencer marketing seriously. Though the growth rate is still climbing, most influencers’ future relies on the social platforms themselves.

If you are an influencer who hasn’t built a newsletter yet, then this blog is going to help you understand why you should have an email list along with the complete process to build one.

Benefits of having an email list of your followers

There are countless benefits of having an email list of your existing social media followers; let’s go through the primary ones and understand the importance.

Ability to charge more

Having an active newsletter is a great way to increase sponsorship charges. Brands recognize the value of multiple placements and engagement, which often results in them paying extra to be featured on an influencer’s other social profiles and newsletter.

Think of this as an add-on or an up-sell which can be sold to all sponsors.

Skip platform limits

Social media platforms might come with various limits, such as no support of links in posts (Instagram) or the lack of ability to upload long videos (Twitter/X)

A newsletter is a great way of skipping these, as you can simply share them directly in your newsletter.

Note: Emails/newsletters don’t widely support videos yet; this can be solved by uploading the video somewhere else, such as YouTube and then sharing the link in the newsletter along with a GIF.

Understand your followers

In marketing, analytics plays a key role in defining whether a campaign was a success or not; the same stands true with influencer marketing too.

While analytics for social posts can be limited, email marketing platforms have detailed analytics, which can help you understand your followers and how they react to your emails.

Build a deeper connection

Apart from sponsored emails, you can also use your email list to send them informational newsletters.

For example, if you are a finance creator on TikTok, then you can convert your videos into short content pieces and share them through your newsletter.

This way, you can ensure that your work is delivered to all your audience without having to worry whether or not they saw your content on social media.

Email marketing is affordable

Another huge benefit of having an email list is that email marketing is very affordable. You can use free email marketing tools, such as EmailOctopus, to get started and only pay for the service when your email list grows beyond the free plan.

Reduce platform risk

One of the biggest worries of being a social media influencer is that what if the platform blocks you or comes up with a major change?

A similar incident happened in India a few years back when the Govt. banned many apps, including TikTok, which made thousands of creators and influencers helpless. The best way to overcome this is by owning your audience!

The easiest way to own your audience is to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter; this way, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your audience without the need for your social platform.

How to get started?

I created a new Guide for Influencers and Creators on how to start, build, and grow your own email list! It will get you all set up for Email List success! Check out "A Beginner's Guide to Email List Building" HERE!

A Beginners Guide to Email List Building


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