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New Arrivals



600+ Brand Contact Directory

The Ultimate Brand Contact Resource: 600 Emails at Your Fingertips

Digital Calculator

How to set your rates as an Influencer

Get Paid Your Worth: Learn How to Set Your Influencer Rates

Jewellery creation

Get the UGC Bible

The UGC Bible: UGC for Beginners Ebook. 

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Influencer Ninja

Over 50 pitch scripts. Learn how to pitch and negotiate your brand deals.

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Instagram Influencing for Beginners

Previously priced at $35, this ebook is jam packed with all the info you need to start your influencer journey

Image by Andrea De Santis

AI for Creators

Learn how to use AI to help you grow your social media influencer biz.

Book a 1:1 Influencer Hotline Call
with Katie

Let’s chat! Nothing is off limits for this 1:1 call! Want to kickstart your Influencer journey? Land consistent brand deals? Not sure where to start when pitching brands? I’m 100% here for YOU!

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